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President Dr. David Adler's message

Dear Worthy Brothers and Brothers,

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

There are a few messages that I want to convey. First, Dan and I are excited about our new positions in Lodge Shimshon. For the past year he and I have been listening, watching and reviewing the ideas, input and concerns that our brothers have voiced. I have been fortunate to have two fantastic predecessors that created a strong “Presidential” foundation. Building a strong lodge is very much like raising a family, there will be ups and downs, frustrations, and issues to work through. Our lodge and “HOD as a whole” is no different. Dan and I have been working very hard behind the scenes for the past year and even more so for the past four months. Our ideas and goals for Lodge Shimshon are identical and will serve our lodge well for the future. We have 18 months (really 36 months – as Dan will move in to the President position in the future) to make the changes for growth, exciting social events and more directed purpose.

Some of these changes started prior to our installation and now that we are in our roles we can fully implement them. We have our first Management Meeting on Wednesday, April 4 that my office and then Open Lodge /Table Lodge on Thursday April 12 th. This is our first OLM in our new roles and will include a “Brother BBQ” and presentation of our goals for Shimshon.

I have a few “Yasher Koachs” to mention. To our past Presidents; you have done an amazing job and have provided me with a firm foundation. Worthy Brother Jody, under your direction and leadership you have helped put the Atlanta Kosher BBQ on the map and made our Jewish community shine! New Worthy Brother Brad, you have directed me well and helped prepare me for this position. We are blessed to have two Worthy Brothers in our ranks. I am also blessed to call them both friends! Worthy Brothers, I look forward to your assistance with the growth of Lodge  Shimshon and HOD North America.

I also want to mention two of our Brothers for their dedication to the Yellow Candle Project. As many of you know I lost my father in February 2017. He was a Holocaust Srvivor. This year, the three of us were able to provide six synagogues with 500+ candles so their students can learn and continue the important task of “never forget”. Thank you to Bro Steve Kaufman and Bro Issy Cheskes for your hard work with this important project. Yasher Koach!

I look forward to seeing you at our next Open Lodge Meeting on April 12 th! Come hungry and bring your creative input.

Enjoy your Passover Seders and I look forward to seeing you at the Management Meeting and OLM. PLEASE register at the website as soon as you can.


Bro David Adler, President Lodge Shimshon

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