Mission Statement

The Hebrew Order of David International is a forum for an ever growing number of Jewish adult males, operating as a cohesive fraternal unit supporting its members, and serving the community, applying Jewish ideals and values while providing its members the opportunity for personal development. HOD Lodge Shimshon is a member lodge governed by HOD International.

Aims and Objectives

  • To promote goodwill among mankind
  • To foster brotherhood among the member of the Order
  • To raise funds for local worthwhile charities
  • To support local institutions by giving of our time
  • To encourage marriage within the Jewish faith and thereby discourage intermarriage
  • To support brethren in time of their difficulties
  • To promote the ideals and work of the Hebrew Order of David International within the community
  • To encourage our members to further their knowledge and understanding of the precepts and traditions of Judaism
  • To enjoy ourselves while we organize and participate in all our activities
  • To strengthen bonds between Jews in the Diaspora and the State of Israel

Social Events

Lodges host various social events each year that include family members and friends. Examples such as picnics, Sukkot BBQ’s, and weekend evening’s out to schmooze and have fun.


HOD facilitates fundraising efforts for numerous organizations, both locally and abroad, in the pursuit of relieving distress and suffering.

Community Service

Members dedicate time and energy to servicing the community by working together for the common good. Examples include assisting the elderly, soup kitchens, and aiding other organizations in their efforts to benefit the community.

Table Lodge

Our once a month meetings conclude with brothers sitting down to enjoy food, drink, camaraderie and an array of guest speakers ranging from business journalists and sports editors, to book authors and rabbis.

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